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LZBMX originates from two best friends, Cody Krueger and Adam LZ. The pair started making videos and it evolved into something much bigger than a Youtube channel. Cody and Adam have created a following of riders all over the world. Below is a timeline highlighting important events from their past.

January 2009:

Cody Krueger and Adam LZ make their first BMX video ever, "So Cold BMX"

August 2010:

After experimenting with making how-tos, Cody and Adam make the most popular "How to Barspin" on the internet.

February 2011:

A new channel is created, "AdamLZhowtos", dedicated to tutorial videos. Our most viewed video ever, "How to 180" lies on this channel, with over 600,000 views. 

June 2011:

Swagga stickers are born. Adam and Cody made this video for a class in school, and uploaded it to Youtube. Believe it or not, people wanted to buy the stickers! This is where the store has its roots.

February 2012:

Swagga stickers get a whole lot more legit, and are sold on their own site, which no longer exists. Looking back, we must have been crazy using this as the product shot...


October 2012: 

Adam debuts his 2012 Street Edit, which we consider to be his best edit to this date.

November 2012:

Adam's street edit catches the eye of Adam 22, the owner and founder of The Come up. He published this in-depth interview, that explains a lot if you are interested in learning more about the video side of things and how we got so popular.


Click here for the interview

December 2012:

Cody's street edit is released. Cody and Adam had been filming all summer until Cody got into an extremely serious car accident, breaking both femurs, an arm, and going into a coma for days. 

February 2013 

After a rough winter, Cody and Adam got together and decided to make one final channel, LZBMX. Cody went ahead and got a new camera, so the video quality improved significantly. All videos to this date are uploaded on it. Here is the first video uploaded: a re-made "How to Barspin"

March 2013:

The first shirts are printed. With our stickers growing in popularity, it seemed natural to experiment with T-Shirts. Adam loves BMX, and also loves his BMW, so the design seemed to be perfect. Orders flooded in, and we sold out in just a month. 


April 2013:

Froth is born. Cody and Adam make their first webisode, and the word Froth makes its debut in our videos.

August 2013

Adam moves to Florida to attend the Burnett Honors College at UCF. The store remains, but is now operated out of Orlando , FL instead of Woodbury, CT. This is the last video Cody and Adam made before he left. 

December 2013:

The new website is launched. With the old store becoming heavily trafficked, it became time to do some updates. The new site is much more visually appealing, easier to navigate, and contains much more information about who we are and what we do. 


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