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We wanted to see how fancy we could get with a T-Shirt - this is the result! This button down is extremely comfortable, classy, and made from scratch with an intense attention to detail.

  • 100% Polyester (super silky)
  • Woven label + all over design of everything we love (see below)
  • Scoop style front/back
  • Custom fit (See sizing chart)


  • BMX Elements (chainwheel, handlebars, chain)
  • Wheels off Adam's BMW
  • Peanut Butter
  • LZBMX Coffee
  • Palm Trees (Florida FTW)
  • DSLR Camera

NOTE: The sizing on these is a bit different than the rest of our other shirts - ESPECIALLY ON THE SMALLER SIZES. Please check the Sizing Chart to make sure you order the right size!



Reviews (3)

Bryce 21st Dec 2017


Adam always say he likes to have the best quality for the best price. This is the first ting I have ever bought from LZ CO. and it will not be the last! This is the nicest shirts I have ever bought for the price! I have zero to say bad about it. The fit is on point and everyone loves it when I have it on. I just want to see some new styles with the same material! I will buy them!

Franklin 8th Nov 2017


Great quality shirt and looks great as well. I only had a little issue with my back but that’s due to me having a wider back than most people my size. Other than that, great product! Oh and it’s comfy too!

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