Adam LZ


Age: 22

Sponsors: LZBMX, Strangerco

Instagram: @Adam_LZ

Location: Oviedo, FL

About: The founder of LZBMX. He tries to be the best he can be in all aspects of life. Whether its school, cars, riding, or editing a video Adam always puts 110% into it. Although he is currently majoring in Business Management at UCF, he still finds time to travel all over the country to film videos for the LZBMX channel. With a knack for teaching an explaining tricks, Adam has taught thousands of kids all around the world how to do barspins, 360s, and even tailwhips. As always, for Adam it's all about the fun.

Robert Barranco


Age: 20

Sponsors: LZBMX

Instagram: @RobertBMX895

Location: Oviedo, FL

About: Bert is the best living example of how you don't need to be amazing at riding to "make it" in bmx. He is such a fun, happy, loved person that he actually gets more cheers at the Florida contests than the best riders in the state. Bert has an awesome attitude and can't say no. If you ask him to drive halfway across the state at 2AM for McDonalds - he'll do it. Give Bert a box-jump and something big to caveman, and he'll show you what's up. (Often seen shirtless prowling around listening to 70s pop music). Robert also makes 90% of the stickers that we give out and sell.

Spencer Foresman


Age: 23

Sponsors: LZBMX, SPOT

Instagram: @SpencerForesman

Location: Tampa, FL

About: Spencer has the whole package. Insanely technical, entertaining, original riding and an awesome personality. Flair barspin? No problem. Hop across railroad tracks like Danny Macaskill? Of course. Like everyone else on the team, Spencer knows how to have a good time on his bike, but he also pushes himself harder than anyone else. Being the oldest on the team, he tends to play the fatherly figure to keep Bert and John under control. 

John Patterson


Age: 17

Sponsors: LZBMX

Instgram: @_JohnPatterson

Location: Longwood, FL

About: John is most often found wearing an 80s jumpsuit and oddly shaped sunglasses. Although he's in a ton of LZBMX videos, for some reason he spends more time shouting in European accents at Bert than he does on his bike. Even though John is super young, he's mature enough that he can get along with everyone and can put in WORK with a folding board (John folds/bags most of our T-Shirts, and also does stickers). Of course John is also a good rider, but he can be best identified for being able to bring a smile to your face by saying/doing the weirdest things ever. John and Bert are a force to be reckoned with.  

James Harvey


Age: 22

Sponsors: Cult, Emmitt BMX, LZBMX

Instagram: @James_Farty

Location: Titusville, FL

About: James is one of the hardest working people in BMX. He's either handling loads of LZBMX operations, getting involved in public skatepark meetings, or going on street-missions for crazy photos. He always has a smile on his face, on and off his bike. Hes a style cat for sure, but he is known to fire out bangers the second you blink your eye. Whether its a gnarly gap to wallride or a 180 crook down a handrail, James has got it down. James does a ton for other riders and also has a famous dog, Macy the pug. As of Spring 2015, James became the first full time LZBMX employee and took over the store operations to free up Adam to travel and film more videos. 



Age: 20

Sponsors: LZBMX

Instagram: @LZ.Nicole

Location: Lake Mary, FL

About: Originally we were debating whether or not Nicole should be on the team. However, we realized that Nicole is an important figure that brings everything and everyone together, without her something would be missing from our videos. Nicole is so pro that she doensn't even have to ride... All kidding aside, Nicole definitely isn't the best rider out there, but she tries hard whenever she finds time to go to the skatepark. She's crazy busy between taking an absurd amount of classes for her education major and running double digit distances on the regular. She's definitely the motherly figure of LZBMX, helping everything run smoothly, packing lunches, and even planning trips for us. Riding bikes always puts a smile on her face, but loves talking to our fans and giving them free stuff even makes her even happier. She's awesome with kids, and always offers advice/guidence for us to make sure our videos stay as appropriate and entertaining as possible. She doesn't work for LZBMX, but often winds up helping us film, fold, and even cut stickers. She is also Adam's girlfriend.