Turbo Charger Power Bank

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 It's a turbo, charger.

  • 2600 mAh silicone power bank
  • Compatible with all USB charged devices
  • Includes micro USB charging cable for power bank - does NOT include charge cable for your device.
  • Can fully charge iPhone 7/6/6s to 100% and iPhone 7 plus/6+/6S+ up to 70%
  • Dimensions: 4"x4"x1"

*This is a normal power bank. It does not "turbo-charge" or charge at any abnormally fast rate. It just looks sick*


Reviews (12)

Jacob Johnson 19th Mar 2018

Has Good Charge

I can charge my phone fully almost 3 times. A little bulky but makes up for it by the awesome design.

1st Jan 2018

USB Turbo Charger

A portable USB power bank shaped like a Turbo... so, not only does it look like a Turbo Charger... it is a Turbo USB charger. Genius! Does exactly as described, is rated at 2600mah and unlike many of these power banks delivers 2600mah to whatever you want to charge and then accepts 2600mah when you charge it up again.

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