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 It's a turbo, charger.

  • 2600 mAh silicone power bank
  • Compatible with all USB charged devices
  • Includes micro USB charging cable for power bank - does NOT include charge cable for your device.
  • Can fully charge iPhone 7/6/6s to 100% and iPhone 7 plus/6+/6S+ up to 70%
  • Dimensions: 4"x4"x1"

*This is a normal power bank. It does not "turbo-charge" or charge at any abnormally fast rate. It just looks sick*


Reviews (12)

@Rickywinterborn 1st Jun 2017

Love my new turbo charger!!

Solid product, very happy! Can't get this sucker anywhere else so get it asap! Made of durable yet soft vinyl, this turbo power bank will make you find a reason to go out on an adventure and kill your battery just to show it off! Plus you get a sweet dad joke out of it whenever you use it... This thing gets a 5 turbo shatters out of 5 from me! Hope enough people purchase this bad boy for them to keep in stock (and maybe even develop a "big boost" edition with like 10x the capacity or something epic, 3 prong plug for laptop??). Anyways, love this thing and highly recommend!!!!!

Salvador Alvarez 1st Jun 2017

Best portable charger I've had

The turbo charger is a great product and it can fully charge your phone or other devices that you would like to charge I would recommend this portable charger to friends or family. I also thought it would of been to big of a charger but it's the perfect size.

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