Whats New?

Today is an awesome day. We just launched our brand new web platform!

You are probably wondering what is new, so we will break it down for you.


  • New LZBMX/Frothnation Zipups
  • BMX Snapbacks in two new colors
  • Froth Beanies in 3 New Colors
  • Logo Tees in 2 new colors/fabrics

Web Features

  • New visually appealing and easily navigable layout
  • Ability to create a user account to make life easier for returning customers
  • Lower national and international shipping rates due to USPS web tools integration
  • Better image quality with new zoom feature
  • About section
  • History section
  • Team Section
  • Family Section
  • What is Froth
  • #LZBMX/#Frothnation tabs that automatically post your instagram photos
  • Video tabs with organized playlists

There is a ton more that is new, do some exploring and find out for yourself!